I sat in on an Institute of Coaching (IOC) webinar recently on resilience during COVID. It is easy right now to get swept up in our very real fear and anxiety. I can honestly say, I was actively managing my anxiety in the first two weeks of my community’s COVID exposure and lock down. I still have to find ways to manage it when it surfaces. Although generally healthy, I do have moderate asthma which places me in the “at risk” population and this makes it easy for me to spiral into my planning crisis mode. So if you are dealing with the tsunami of emotions during this time, you are not alone. I am right there with you. 

The key takeaway for me during this IOC webinar was this: What do I want to be in COVID?  

The way the question was posed was an interesting practice in framing our current situation. What do I want to be in COVID? My mind went to: Do I want to be grateful? Do I want to be open to a growth mindset? What can I create for myself and others during this painful time?  

There were endless possibilities when reflecting on this question. It is easy, in this dire time, to get caught up in the practicality of things and only focus on our basic needs. But if you are in a place where you can look past this and consider how to recreate yourself so that whenever we are past this pandemic, you can reflect and truly say you grew; you changed in a good way. 

What do I want to be in COVID? 

I want to continue to create. I want to create meaningful and insightful content. In response to this, I have decided to continue to learn. I want to meticulously learn more about diversifying my coaching techniques in the hopes that I can help people I would not have normally dealt with.  My other interest is to learn more about franchising, and diversifying income in a real and lasting way. COVID has taught me that nothing is guaranteed. No job is forever, and our income stream can drastically change whether we want it to or not. How will you change your career plans now in relation to what is now the fluidity of your income stream?

I want to practice gratitude. I believe that I am a grateful person, but when COVID hit my community, I lost sight of what I have to be grateful for. I let that anxiety take front and center stage and I chose to focus on fear. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. I want to be grateful. I want to exist in a  state of gratitude. What are you grateful for? How has what you have learned in this pandemic, changed your perspective for your goals and dreams? 

I also still want to help people to reach their career goals. I have tasted the success and the victories of my clients and I want to continue to feel that way about all your wins. I want to create something meaningful and lasting for you. How can I help you? Please book some time on my calendar using my website: Book in a Call or you can drop me a line with your questions at [email protected] You can also follow me on any of my social media sites: 

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Hoping you and your families are safe, healthy, and growing in a meaningful way. 

Dr. Raya
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