This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

We all know what brands are. They help us to distinguish and categorize the things we use in everyday life. They help to create an association for the things we look for. In regards to your career, it is important to understand what your personal brand is in comparison to what employers are looking for.  But what is a personal brand?

According to Haig (2018) a brand refers to someone’s authentic personal image or composite of qualities that make an individual unique. Your brand tells an employer what your professional presence consist of, encompassing your business skills and personal qualities. The other component of a personal brand involves how all of these components are represented on your online or social media presence. In fact, 95 percent of recruiters view a competitive personal brand as an essential characteristic that helps to distinguish the best applicants in today’s workplace (Haig, 2018).

Considering all this, what does your personal brand say about you? Your Linkedin profile should be up to date and thus represent your brand.  But there are other components to your social media presence. I recommend you Google your name and see what pops up. Is your Facebook or Instagram page private? If it is public, beware this too becomes part of your brand. Did you Tweet a recent break up? Start a little online spat? Like it or not, all this is a part of your personal brand if it is open and public for a recruiter, or future boss to scroll through. Start to really drill down and figure out what your current brand is and what you need it to be in order to secure your next role.

Does your current profile represent what you professional expectations and goals are? I can help you to build your personal brand!

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Haig, N. (2018). your PERSONAL BRAND: Building a professional identity, and promoting it effectively, can be vital to an internal auditor’s career. Internal Auditor, 75(1), 54.