In my own search for career fulfillment and enlightenment, I have come to understand there is one key to growing and reaching the next step of your own professional progression. I can also tell you, that when I reflect back on what got me to this point, it was not privilege, or advantage. It was not because I was smarter than everyone else, or because I was lucky or even special. One key factor brought me to where I am today.  People will ask me how I managed. How did you go to school, work, volunteer and still have time for your family? It wasn’t easy and in fact it was hard work. The hard work never scared me. I saw it, I see it- as necessary. It is not enough to dream, and want and wait.

The one key that is a contributor to my own professional success was to take action!  

Are you waiting for the perfect time to take action towards your hopes and dreams? Have you been wanting to go back to school? Perhaps get a professional certificate? Maybe you want to apply to serve on a local or national Board of Directors? Maybe you really need to update your resume and start applying. Maybe when your big project at work wraps up. Maybe your kids are little (like mine are).  Maybe the perfect time to pursue your dreams is when the kids are grown… Or at least when they move out. Maybe you have to take care of an aging parent. Once they are settled, that would seem like a good time. Maybe your partner’s career is taking precedence over yours…

Is this list of To Do’s mentally tucked away for the perfect moment in time before you can take care of yourself and your goals?  

There is no perfect time to pursue your dreams.

What if I told you that right now is always the right time to take one step forward.

Next time you feel motivated or inspired, take action. Look into that program, start searching for that dream job. Right now is the right time to take action.

I have clients that will tell me, they are waiting to apply to their dream job because they have prior commitments and this is valid concern but some companies take months, quarters even to start the hiring process. They may start when you would have technically been ready. What if you missed your window for your dream job, because you were going to wait for the right time???  Take that first step.

Start your research on that great idea as soon as you feel that spark of energy, joy, hope. That spark is all it takes to press forward. Reach out to that person that you think maybe able to help you. Ask your question! That is taking action.  Doing your research, asking your questions, planning, all of these things are taking action. Waiting results in regrets. Waiting results in defeating your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Often times people will say, it is to late for me to do X,Y, Z.  It is never too late to take that first step.  Take the first step. Take action on what is that you want and deserve.

If you are ready to go all in on pursuing your hopes and dreams in starting a new career in healthcare, I can help you!

Dr. Raya
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Something good is about to happen!

Austin Chan @austinchan