I recently stumbled across an article about what happens when you job search like a man: https://www.thelily.com/i-job-hunted-like-a-man-heres-what-happened/

At first sight, I was skeptical. What is the difference? Of course I job hunt like a man…but did I? I am not proud to say that after reading the article, I completely aligned with the “female” job search candidate. Apparently, men are more likely to apply for work they are only 60% qualified for! Meanwhile, women tend to only apply for work that they are completely qualified for (Allard, 2018).  Let that sink in!

Think back to the times you have reviewed a job posting and thought, “Nah, I don’t know how to do all of that.” Then quickly clicked out of the post to continue your search for work that you had experience doing completely! So what if you applied for a job you were only -mostly- qualified for? What is the worst that could happen? You get the standard, “thanks but no thanks” email? Honestly, you probably still get that email when you are 100% qualified because that employer had their eye on an internal candidate, or they ran out of funding and realigned their budgets thus closing the position. Really, what do you have to lose by applying for work you mostly or partly qualified for? Afterall, all it takes is for that one person, to see your potential and run with you as their target candidate. Just one!

Let’s play the numbers game then. Start applying for work that you are mostly qualified for (or partly qualified for) and see what happens. Anytime I apply for work, I save the job posting in a file. The statistics are alarming to he honest. If I only apply for work I am 100% qualified for I maybe get a call back, 10% of the time. Think about those statistics. You don’t know what is going on in the employers queue. Maybe a computer program is scanning for keywords that you absolutely have experience for and did not actually list. Maybe you are a late applicant and they had already “settled” for someone else. There are so many factors that are running in the background that may negatively impact you, yet have nothing to do with your actual worth! You need to learn not to take it personal. You are The Talent. You are just playing the odds game right now, and eventually your number will be up.

You ready to play? I can help you!

Dr. Raya
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Something good is about to happen!


Allard, J. (2018, May 2). I job hunted like a man. Here’s what happened. Retrieved from The Lily, Editor’s Picks: https://www.thelily.com/i-job-hunted-like-a-man-heres-what-happened/