I just started reading, Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People by G. Richard Shell.

And my mind has been blown, yet again. I have taken various industry assessments which point to my tendency to be overly pragmatic (overly realistic!). That doesn’t sound like a bad vice to have, yet in many ways in can be.  

In my own experience, negotiating with physicians on contracts for example, I see that nine out of ten times, female doctor’s take the initial offer right out of the gate. Why is that? The initial offer, is literally, the initial offer. Step one! How is that different from what you are doing as a talented healthcare candidate? And if you were like me, you were grateful for that offer, and trusted that your potential employer was offering you the maximum dollar for your value. If that is what you thought -like I did- you are wrong!!!!  How do you overcome this idea that you are worth more than…. an initial offer???? 

What I enjoy about this book is that it is riddled with statistics. In many instances, startling statistics! According to Shell (2006) many female candidates in high stake industries, do not push back on that initial offer. When a candidate pushes back (male or female), they on average see a $4,000 increase to that initial offer. 

Are you pushing back? Or simply accepting an offer that is meant to be base? It is meant to be a jumping off point in case you do push back. Are you worried that an employer will walk away from the negotiation table if you push back?  

My goal is to get you to be the best and most desired candidate in the pool. By the time you leave that first interview, I will teach you how to ensure that this employer sees you as the talent they have been waiting for. And if they don’t see you as the best candidate, that is okay too. Walk away. You are The Talent after all!!!

I would love to work with you and add you to my list of successful clients, who after going through my program now have the career they have always wanted!

See you soon!

Dr. Raya
[email protected]  

Something good is about to happen!

Shell, G. R. (2006). Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People. New York: Penguin Group.