I previously posted that 80% of employers do not advertise their jobs on career sites.  The good news is that you can create even more time saving tactics to look for work with the 20% of jobs that you can find on a job site.

My advice is that you go to the bigger search sites first and create job search alerts. So if you go to indeed, under the initial search criteria, you can specify the title, and the location. Once you enter that you will get kicked into a screen that loos like this:

Once you are on this screen you can enter more details: salary, job type, location. In the upper right hand corner, you will also see a prompt that says: Be the first to see new healthcare manager jobs. You should enter your email and click Activate. Your inbox will be teaming with great job opportunities! This saves you time because now you do not need to initiate the search over when you can find time or worse, when you remember to look. And if your email appears on your smart phone, you will literally get your alerts at your finger tips based on the frequency you requested to get alerts.   I love not having to waste time scrolling through tons of irrelevant job titles or worse at a salary range that you would never ever consider. 

I recently found an interesting job board. It claims to be the BIG LIST OF HEALTHCARE JOBS. The site was interesting to me because it did have some job search sites I had never actually seen before. The list also includes sites that specialize in your likely specialty e.g., nurse, physical therapist, recruiter, pharmaceutical sales, management. Pretty interesting! Check out that site here and let me know if any of the sites listed seemed to work for your interest:

So let’s talk about the 80% of employers who do not post their positions on job sites. This requires you as the “talent” to really do some initial research.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You first have to figure out what kind or employer and culture you are looking for. Here are some tips to help you create some healthy habit loops that will end in you finding some amazing work.

1. Dedicate at least one hour a week to your job search.  I suggest you literally block out time on your calendar on a day/time that you know you will consistently have available. 

2. Once you find an employer that you think aligns with your desired outcomes, or your lifestyle, or your wallet, bookmark that employer’s career site.  This way when you sit down at your designated day/time, you can click through the designated list of ideal employers quickly.  If you do this once a week, it also gives you an additional advantage because you should see when new jobs are listed first. 
3. This brings me to my next point. Be the early applicant. When a hiring manager sees a few good applicants they are likely to jump into the interview process and may even stop reviewing applicants that applied later in the process. This means that unless the first search and review of applicants fail to produce a clear “winner” then you are automatically out. Time wasted.

4. If a saved employer has an alert option you definitely want to activate that as well to save you sometime.

In my opinion, applying for work really is a numbers game. You may need to apply to dozens of jobs before you hear from one employer. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! Instead, keep building your job search habits and eventually that one person you need to see your wonderful resume and see your value and potential will find you!  

So do you have an awesome resume???? You ready for that interview???

If not, please contact me. I would love to work with you and add you to my list of successful clients, who after going through my program now have the career they have always wanted!

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