I recently talked about creating healthcare job search habit loops. What does that mean? I wish I could claim that forming habits was my idea, but it wasn’t. In my own development, I frequently read self-development books or other conceptual theory type books.

Currently, I am reading….  The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

I LOVE this book. It is by no means a healthcare job search book, but it does explain how habits are created. Specifically, how your brain creates a habit to save on the amount of energy it expends on having to otherwise figure things out. I love this concept and obviously found a way to tie that back to you and your career ambitions.

If you followed my last post, you have dedicated time at least weekly to your job search and implemented all my tips. You need to be consistent and keep looking weekly. This will help you to create your job search habit loop.

Another habit I would like for you to start implementing that is an absolute timesaver is actually identifying a job that you are interested in. First, job titles are deceptive as heck! You never know if a “director” position pays $25,000 or $125,000.

If a job title sounds interesting (like Manager of Global Operations- I made that up) I will download the job description. I don’t actually read the description first and don’t recommend you do either. I scroll straight down to the job requirements.  If I meet the requirements, then I go back and read the whole description. This is a time saver because if I get into the details and am into the role, then get to the requirements and find I need a PHD in biochemistry (which I don’t have) then I wasted all that time.

This brings me to my next habit loop. Get yourself in the mindset that you are the Talent! Your time is valuable! Your time is precious! I frequently say I have but a few moments left on this earth and I want to spend them with the people I love, doing the work that I love!  So you should condition yourself to see yourself as the Talent and to identify that this time you are expending is a valuable  resource. The sooner you recognize this habit of self-identification (as the Talent), you will improve your outlook, your tactics, and the way you view yourself in the job search!

I would love the opportunity to work with you in your job search activities. You ready???