Are you in healthcare and struggling to advance?
Are you trying to get into healthcare from a different industry?
Are you struggling to find meaningful work because of lack of connections?Do you know the right people?
Did you just finish your degree in healthcare (have a ton of school related debt) and can’t transition your career to the next step?

Career Transition Coach specializing in: 
Healthcare and other select science related industries
Attaining leadership roles in healthcare
Back to Work


Why would you hire me? 

I am offering premium -structured- sessions that will get you into healthcare however this plan requires intensive work and participation on your part.

How is this possible?

I have a proven action intensive strategy, where you and I work together to create a tangible transition plan.  I can’t help everyone, but if you are a viable candidate, then we can begin the process of working together. See some of my client testimonials at the bottom of this page:

Why you shouldn’t hire me? 

If you are trying to transition to an industry that is outside of my scope, then I can not provide you with the  support you need.

If you cannot be committed to an intensive action plan that requires your vested participation, then I cannot support your career goals.

*Individual Service Packages:

  • The Premium Support Package: Five (5) sessions
  • Group Service Packages: Coming soon!
  • Live Support Groups-Local Classes: Coming soon!

* Full fee paid for all sessions prior to scheduling.

Contact me for more info at: [email protected] or call me a 915-271-9372. You can also book your free breakthrough session on my home page!