If you have your dream job, then maybe you don’t need a career coach. If you don’t have your dream job, then maybe you do need a career coach. A career coach will do a variety of things for you. Here are just a few that I can do for you: 

Career assessment
Cover letters
Linkedin tuneup
Networking tools
Portfolio development
Company research
Job search 
Salary negotiations
Interview skills
Finding a mentor
Performance support once in the field

If you are like me, I spent many, many, years trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. It was a journey for sure. An arduous journey that literally took me through the completion of four different degrees: Organizational Communication (it had the least math), Public Administration (I was feeling altruistic), Organizational Leadership (learned some great theory), and finally Healthcare Administration (this was where every choice I made, led me).  

All of the choices I had made, professionally, lead me here. I can’t explain it but what I wanted every step of the way, was to have options, and ultimately to find work that I loved doing. And to be honest, I have always wanted it all. Why couldn’t I find a great career, where the work was exciting, and I had such a great sense of reward at the end of the day… and I got paid well! Why not!?!?! 

You can have it all too, you just have to know where to look and who can help you. And a career coach can help you get there. 

I am going to provide you with a link to a career interest survey. This is a quick test (5-10 minutes) that allows you to enter your personal preferences and based on this, you get some general career clusters that should help narrow your field. Be honest, don’t over think your responses, just go through each section and check off as many of the items that are applicable to you. I suggest printing them or downloading them as a PDF. 

Now as a healthcare career coach, I can tell you that many people don’t fall into the healthcare related field e.g., doctor, scientist, etc.  But if you score high in Business, then we need to consider transitioning you to a strong healthcare role with heavy emphasis on business; an operations manager perhaps. Perhaps you score high in education. We can absolutely find you a field in healthcare that speaks to this desire. After you get the results to the test, you can review them  in order to create a career plan. 

Here is the link to the career cluster survey. Check it out and let me know what you think: https://careerwise.minnstate.edu/careers/clusterSurvey?do=0